Clarinet Rhapsody No. 1



Clarinet Rhapsody No.1 for clarinet and pre-recorded electronics is the first in what will become a series of pieces giving the player more freedom to shape the music in performance.

Clarinet Rhapsody No. 1 Score

Clarinet Rhapsody No.1 reflects a continuation of a process begun in a series called Driving at Night, encouraging natural phrasing through bar-less proximity notation. The new element here being the addition of wholly improvised sections. A keen interest in jazz and an effort to learn improvisation in this style clearly colors the composition. Clarinet Rhapsody No.1 is an attempt to retain this composer’s harmonic language, while also borrowing the occasional blue note in the clarinet lines. Listening closely may also reveal a blues progression, which helps structure the freely improvised portions. The recorded performance available here includes pre-recorded electronic strings. However, this work also exists as a piece for solo clarinet and string orchestra.