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Photo May 19, 6 42 42 PMYes you can…at your own peril! An explanation of the title can be found here and as you’ll find out, the title should not be taken too literally. There are actually some benefits to listening through a great pair of headphones or speakers. On the one hand, you eliminate the sound of the road and can appreciate the more subtle electronic sounds, on the other, you can close your eyes and get completely lost in the music (DO NOT DO THIS WHILE DRIVING…no matter how tempted you will be).

Photo May 19, 7 13 13 PMBetween creating the electronics, recording, mixing, and mastering I use the following programs: Reason 6.5 (needing to update to 7), EastWest Sounds Platinum Orchestra Library, Cubase 6 (needing to update to 7), and Finale 2011 (way out of date). These programs have all served me well and I can recommend them to any budding composer. Over the years I have mostly learned through doing. It’s much easier to learn new software if you have a project to go along with it. Although it can be frustrating at times, don’t discount the value of YouTube and Google when trying to find your way around the programs.

Photo May 19, 7 42 11 PMBefore I answer this question, you should seriously consider buying a physical copy of the CD. Be sure to read this article on the benefits of CD distribution to understand my decision on making a CD in the first place. You are welcome to rip the CD and add the music to any and all of your mobile devices, the quality will be much better than anything you buy on iTunes or Amazon mp3. This being said, yes, the CD is available on most major music sited for download.

Photo May 20, 8 51 22 AM‘Driving at Night’ is available NOW!!! Purchase your copy here.




Photo May 21, 2 10 02 PMMy sound is part minimal, part ambient and meditative, and what characterizes this album are the classically inspired lines of beautiful melodies over a bed of electronic soundscapes. Each track on the album represents a particular time of night (12am, 1am, etc.), a carefully written composition that allows your mind to wander and commands its attention all at once. ‘Driving at Night’ blends the world of electronic synths and that of acoustic instruments (cello, oboe, and violin) so perfectly that one wonders why they aren’t paired more often. My music is often described as beautifully melancholic and it can be overwhelming when experienced as desired.

Photo May 21, 2 14 49 PMIf you had asked me this question four years ago, I probably could have given you many different answers. Part of this has to do with the fact that I was still in school and did not want to limit myself to one particular style or genre. Instead, I was open to give really anything a try in an effort to learn. Having gone through my first self-discovery phase (I still have much to learn) I have settled on a style on music that I will term indie classical. There have been many interesting articles written about this emerging genre and you can read some of them here and here.