Dr. Pappas currently teaches at Fayetteville Tech Community College and serves as the program coordinator for the AFA in music (since fall 2014).
Dr. Pappas serves as the director of the American Music Festival presented by FTCC.

Do to the nature of the position Dr. Pappas currently teaches a vast variety of courses. These include music history, theory, and performance oriented classes. Although the department relies on wonderful adjuncts to carry the workload, Dr. Pappas is the exclusive teacher for all music theory and aural skills classes.

Pedagogically his attention is focused on developing a more comprehensive approach to Aural Skills. Dr. Pappas is looking for ways to better integrate Aural Skills into the Theory sequence, and is experimenting within other related courses to foster connections and demonstrate application. One current study is taking place in the ensemble setting through vocalizing, visualizing, and then mapping to the instrument, improvised melodies. Dr. Pappas is exploring the benefits of both physical action and improvisation in Aural Skills.

He is also working to close the knowledge gap for incoming freshmen by developing an online summer fundamentals course, free of charge, for students registered for Music Theory 1 in the fall. FTCC is one of the first institutions to adopt “Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony” (Bernstein, Straus) which uses adaptive technology (Norton’s new online, interactive learning platform) and includes an online workbook powered by Noteflight. Dr. Pappas is currently evaluating the effectiveness of these additional tools, and is planning to include aural skills software for students in the fall.


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