About Generative Waves

This page will be a living document as I first plan to collect my thoughts and then expand them.

The other day I gathered together some bullet points, here’s what I came up with in no particular order:

  • Music that exists only in the moment
  • Finite, temporary nature of sound and art
  • Designing a synth or modular system/instrument to perform on and along with
  • Why a Pedal Board? Easy to understand, visualize, edit, and manipulate
  • Elements remain the same with their generative processes at work, live pacing and shaping (intervention) in the hands of the composer
  • Importance of melody, melodic gestures
  • Echoes of the past both generative, but also through cv looper and delays
  • Composing music by taking into account most possible outcomes, unaware of their exact nature.
  • Composing is a solitary activity, electronics become a welcome partner
  • Waves of tall grass on windswept fields
  • Waves are never the same, similar and familiar though. Connect us to each other, carry history, timeless and yet ever changing
  • Ocean beach being a place of escape from the sorrow of life, endless possibilities, a longing for what’s beyond the horizon
  • Waves: calming, powerful, destructive, gentle, awe-inspiring, connect us, separate us
  • Ripples (degenerate over time): Modulated Delay (Echo)
  • The distant voices of creatures of the sea and sky. Birds of late summer in endless fields of beans and corn.
  • Daily runs through open fields: